NFC Rules Qld

Queensland - Not for Competition (NFC) Rules – Revised 26/03/2024

  1. Entry
  • An NFC entry is non-competitive.  No cards of any kind (qualifying or non-qualifying) are to be awarded and an NFC entry will not be eligible for ribbons, trophies or prizes.
  • A dog can only be entered in the class and height it would normally be entitled to compete in.
  • There will be no separate class, course or Judge for NFC entries.
  • NFC will not be available for games i.e., snooker, gamblers and strategic pairs or elite classes in jumpers or agility.
  • NFC will not be available for major competitions such as State Titles and/or Nationals.
  • NFC entry fee will be the full entry fee for that trial, however clubs are encouraged to offer a reduced entry fee for handlers who pre-nominate an NFC run when entering their trial.

      2. Trial Procedures

  • The competitor must clearly inform the steward that they are competing as NFC. The competitor must also clearly inform the Judge, before the run starts, that they are running NFC. 
  • The Judge will inform the scribe that this is an NFC run and no results will be recorded
  • The Judge and ring stewards shall still perform their normal duties; however, no scoring shall be recorded for an NFC entry
  • The Judge shall ensure that the conduct of the handler and dog is appropriate and that the course is attempted safely within the rules of agility and the capabilities of the dog
  • At the Judge’s discretion, a dog not under control or obviously not capable of executing any piece of equipment may be asked to leave the ring
  • NFC runs will allow handlers to use non-audible toys in the ring, but the toy must not be dropped or leave the handlers person.  No food, or toys containing food, to be used in the ring. A handler who is running NFC may not use the toy/training aid while in the 5-metre exclusion zone or when entering the ring.
  • A competitor running NFC will only be given time in the ring up to the Standard Course Time (SCT). Timing for NFC will start when the dog negotiates the first obstacle or if the handler triggers the electronic timing gate.  In the case of manual timing, the time will start when the first part of the dog's body crosses the plane of the first obstacle.
  • Competitors will be instructed, at judge’s brief, of the method used to indicate when SCT has been reached (e.g., whistle, buzzer etc.). At the end of the SCT, the competitor shall promptly remove their dog from the ring. Not leaving the ring immediately when directed may result, at the Judges’ discretion, in the competitor being disqualified for the remainder of the trial and/or may be referred for further disciplinary action.
  1. Review
  • Rules for NFC may be reviewed and modified by the Dogs Queensland Agility Sub Committee at any time as deemed necessary.  Members and affiliates will be notified of any changes.


For an NFC run –

  • a dog must be entered in the class and height equal to the standard it would normally compete in;
  • the handler will be allowed to use a non-audible toy for reward in the ring, but the toy must not leave the handlers’ person;
  • no food will be allowed in the ring; and
  • only available in open, masters, excellent and novice agility and jumpers classes. 

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