Agility Dog of the Year Awards


Jumping Dog of the Year Awards



The Qld State Agility Committee will award the following DOTY Winner awards  in each height category for the below Qld areas, to those dogs who meet the below criteria –

  • SE Qld Agility Dog of the Year Winner
  • SE Qld Jumping Dog of the Year Winner
  • Qld Regional Agility Dog of the Year
  • Qld Regional Jumping Dog of the Year

The SE Qld DOTY Winner awards are for those dogs based and competing in Zone 1.

The Qld Regional DOTY Winner awards for those dogs based and competing in Zones 2 &/or 3.

A handler can only apply for DOTY for their dog in either SE Qld or Qld Regional not both. 

The following rules apply –

1.       The dog owner and handler must be financial Dogs Queensland members. 

2.       Results for SE Qld awards will be based on Zone 1 trials and results for Qld Regional Trials awards will be based on Zone 2 & 3 trials, where K9 entries were used for the running of the trial, to enable trial results to be verified easily the committee through K9.  Trials not run through K9, trial secretaries are requested to submitted a marked catalogue to the ASC, these results will be up loaded, however it is not the responsibility of the ASC to chase up these results. 

3.       Results will be from trials held from 1 November in the previous  year  up to 31 October in the current year and will be taken from a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 15 qualifying scores across that period to be eligible.

4.        Results will be awarded points as follows:


1.       First place & Q                          10 points

2.       Second place & Q                      9 points

3.       Third place & Q                         8 points

4.       Quali                                             5 points

5.       Results will be taken from Novice, Excellent and Masters Agility or Jumping classes only and may include up to 5 Novice and 6 Excellent trial results.   

6.        The Dog with the highest pointscore from a minimum of 3 qualifying scores will be the winner.  In the event of a tie for the Winner, the dog with the most first places will be the Winner.  In the event scores are still tied, the dog with the most points in the higher class will be the Winner. 

8.  The Winner in each height category will be announced at the Sporting Dogs Awards lunch being held Sunday 20 February 2022. 




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