Qld State Team selection for Nationals 2020

2020 ANKC Agility & Jumping Nationals. Queensland Team Selection Process
Due to the early dates for the 2020 Nationals and considering the high temperatures we can experience at the start of the year and the lack of available trials throughout Queensland at the start of the year, the Qld Agility Sub Committee has determined that those handlers wishing to have their dogs considered for the Qld Team 2020 are required to do the following:
a. Submit an expression of interest for each dog you wish to be considered for the team. Please see template below
b. Compete in any Queensland Agility & Jumping trials within the months of August, September and October 2019 that is support by the K9 entry system (Zone 1,2 or 3)
c. Be of good standing within the Queensland Agility & Jumping Community with no disciplinary action having been taken against you in the 12 months to February 28 2020
The QASC will take the results from K9 entries, a maximum of 7 results in Agility and Jumping will be used for each dog, the best results for each will be considered. 
a) Qualifying run
b) Placing
c) Overall ROT for each discipline
d) Course faults
e) Time Faults
Dogs currently competing in Excellent levels may be submitted for consideration, however the dog must be competing or eligible to compete in Master Agility and Masters Jumping by November 30 2019. If there is a tie for placings the Committee reserves the right to determine positions through some other process, of which the applicants will be informed of. 
The Top 10 dogs will be announced at the QASC December Trial in no particular order. The final team will be announced two weeks before the closing date for the team entries, this provides enough time for any withdrawals by handlers or dogs. In the event that there are less than 6 available dogs at this stage the committee reserves the right to add dogs from lower positions.
Submit to Karen Deguet [email protected] an email expressing your interest in being considered for the Qld Team 2020
Within this email please provide the ANKC registered name or names and ANKC Registration Number of the dogs to be considered.
Please copy and paste the following statement into your email:
I (insert name and DQ membership number) wish to be considered for the Qld Agility & Jumping Team 2020 with the following dog/s:
1 Name Number
2 Name Number
3 Name Number
If at any time between now and the 28 February 2020 I am no longer able to attend the 2020 ANKC Agility & Jumping Nationals or my dog/s are not attending I will immediately inform the committee and withdraw my dog/s from the team application. 
I am of good standing within the Queensland Agility Community and will do my utmost to represent the state of Queensland with good sportsmanship and ethical handling. 
Enter your name
The QASC looks forward to receiving your nomination and wishes everyone the very best of luck in their trialing during this period. 



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